Do you love running ? Or do you rather cheer on others?

You would like to do somthing for a good cause?

Come and join the Running team purple ! We are engaging us to promote research and early diagnose. It is very necessary to make progress, because still most people who are suffering of pancreatic cancer die from it! 

All runners are very welcome, exspecially beginners! You can sign up for a run under the category "Anmeldung/Mailingliste".

Not-Runners are also welcome, they sign in in the category "supporters", we need people working at the information desk, and cheering the others on, too!

We also habe regular trainings, environ one per month, you can find it along with all dates under "Aktuelles".

If you have questios, don't hesitate to write to info@laufteam-lila.ch